Intent to Return to Campus (eStudents)

News and Announcements

Students planning on returning to Campus:

We are getting ready to bring additional eStudents back to campus for the 3rd nine weeks (January 19, 2021).

If you wish for your child to return to campus, please click the link below and complete the Intent to Return Form. Note: Students who wish to return to campus WILL NOT be returning on January 5. Only CURRENT campus students will return to school on that date.

Intent to Return Form  

Parents of eStudents not making adequate progress, but wish to remain on eLearning:

It is our desire for all students at Southwest Middle School to be successful. Letters are being sent to parents of eStudents who are not making adequate progress based on current grades, Qtr 1 posted grades, most recent STAR scores, attendance, and/or latest FSA scores. eStudents not making adequate progress are being asked to return to campus.

If you received this letter asking your child to return to campus and you still wish for your child to REMAIN AN ESTUDENT, we are asking that you complete the form listed below.

Note: If your eStudent is making adequate progress and you do not receive a letter or phone call from the school, then you do not need to fill out this form.

Intent to Remain Form