Intent to Return to Campus

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During the week of October 12-October 16 parents of E-Learning students will have the opportunity to declare their intent for their child(ren) to return to Campus Learning. Parents must complete the online form by 5 PM on Friday, October 16. Requests will not be accepted after this date/time as we must prepare to re-structure campus and e-learning schedules to accommodate change requests.

Intent to return requests will ONLY be fulfilled by completing the online form. Parents who attempt to call or visit the school to declare their intent to return will be directed to complete the online intent to return form.  Requests for students to transfer from Campus to E-Learning are not being accepted at this time.

Student transfers from E-Learning to Campus Learning will not occur until at least October 28. Parents requesting such transfers will be notified when students may return to campus. Students who borrowed school computers for E-Learning MUST return their borrowed device, charger, and mobile wi-fi (if applicable) before new schedules will be distributed.

Please contact the school if you have any additional questions.