Open House Information 10/13/20 6pm – 7:30pm

News and Announcements

Welcome to our Virtual Open House! Our evening will begin with a general Zoom session at 6:00 PM. Parents will then follow their child’s class schedule to meet with teachers in their virtual classroom. There will be a modified bell schedule to follow (including transition times to get to your next “class”) and links to all teacher’s Zoom meetings which can be found at the link below.

In preparation for the Virtual Open House, you are urged to download the Zoom app to your desktop or mobile device. You can also join Zoom meetings directly from the Zoom website at and enter the meeting information.

General Zoom Session (6:00 PM) Information:

Meeting ID: 995 9113 0550

Passcode: 9b!KibZZ


Southwest Middle School

20-21 Open House Bell Schedule

Class Period Time Transition
General School Meeting 6:00-6:20 6:20-6:23
1st Period 6:23-6:30 6:30-6:33
2nd Period 6:33-6:40 6:40-6:43
3rd Period 6:43-6:50 6:50-6:53
4th Period 6:53-7:00 7:00-7:03
5th Period 7:03-7:10 7:10-7:13
6th Period 7:13-7:20 7:20-7:23
7th Period 7:23-7:30 N/A

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